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Outreach Event, June 4, 2010

Industrial Equipment hosted a seminar with City of Chico CWBP program on Best Management Practices and Clean Water Equipment for Pressure Washers


The City of Chico Clean Water Business Partnership (CWBP) Program provided outreach and information to local businesses at an educational event/seminar hosted by Clean Water Business Partner Industrial Equipment on June 4th, 2010. The event included cutting-technology training and valuable information on how to meet Best Management Practices (BMPs), along with information on how to become a Clean Water Business Partner.

Industrial Equipment is a local business, owned by Roberta Savelli that specializes in the sale of Industrial High Pressure Cleaning Systems & Environmental Waste Water Treatment Solutions. The use of this Green Technology by Pressure Washers, Painting Contractors, Carpet Cleaners, Water Treatment Specialists, Auto Detailers, and Parts Washers, can enable them to prevent runoff pollution and protect local water quality, while providing superb services for their clients.

At the event it was stressed to attendees that it is important to determine where wastewater is draining to, and to contain it before it enters the storm drain system. Once the wastewater is captured, they can then divert it to areas where it will soak into the ground, or dispose of it in other appropriate manners. Also, employees should always clean up all trash and sweep the area to be cleaned before beginning to pressure wash buildings, parking lots or walkways.