Do business with a Clean Water Business Partner

If you’re looking to clean your carpets, install new landscaping, build an addition, or remodel your home, consider using the services of a Clean Water Business Partner to ensure that your project will not contribute to urban runoff pollution. Each Clean Water Business Partner has made a personal pledge and ongoing commitment to educate their customers and to help keep Chico’s creeks clean by employing best management practices which prevent runoff pollution from their daily business operations. These businesses pay special attention to use safer products and to prevent fertilizers, pesticides, chemical wastewater, paint products, and general construction debris and byproducts from being dumped, washed or broomed into our gutters and storm drains.

The City of Chico does not endorse the businesses listed as Clean Water Business Partners. The Clean Water Business Partnership (CWBP) program acknowledges the businesses only for their pledge to use Best Management Practices (BMPs) to protect local water quality. Please use due diligence to investigate the CWBPs further as needed.


The City of Chico Clean Water Business Partnership Program provided outreach and information to local businesses at an educational event/seminar hosted by Clean Water Business Partner, Industrial Equipment, on June 4th, 2010. [ Read more ]

Ad Incentives

The Clean Water Business Partnership (CWBP) program provides advertising incentives for Chico Landscape Contractors, Carpet Cleaners, Nurseries, General Contractors, and many other local businesses that are eligible, who pledge to meet the BMPs required for protection of our waterways via the storm drain system.

The above is the Clean Water Business Partners insert distributed by Cal Water. Click here to download PDF.


If you would like to be a City of Chico Clean Water Business Partner, please fill out the applicable pledge and submit to